About Us

TWFG Insurance Services is a 1st and 2nd generation family run agency.  Our owner and agency president, Noel Sanchez, began his career in 1997 as the sole owner and operator of an independent insurance agency for a Allstate Insurance.   Noel has been a  CA licensed Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, and Life Insurance Producer for 18+ years.  My father has lived by 3 main principals throughout his entire career.  In short, once he realized his ability to live up to these standards were in jeopardy he left everything he built over 13+ years to start over with The Woodlands Financial Group in 2010 and never looked back.  Here are the 3 principals our agency is founded upon:

1. GENUINE CARE AND EMPATHY FOR ALL CUSTOMERS.  You will speak with 1 of 3 licensed insurance agents when you call our office.
EDUCATE DONT SELL.  We never allow a person to purchase insurance from him without educating them on all possible protection options for the many potential risks to their personal/family and business financial assets.
ENSURE THE FINANCIAL WELL-BEING OF ALL CLIENTS.  All clients must sign a waiver if they do not choose to insure their car, home, or business with the coverage he recommends. 

With the way the world has changed, we are unable to do business with every client face to face the way that Dad did.  So we have adapted our business operations to meet the needs of our clients.  Here are some new features we now offer to enhance the customer experience and improve the ease of doing business with TWFG:

1. New Website Launch 03/01/2015 - TWFGbayarea.com.
Find and communicate with us on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages.
3. Take advantage of our monthly newsletters to stay updated common risks to your insured assets, become educated consumers, and to take advantage of promotions/discounts to save money on insurance coverage.

Hold us to the high standard of service we strive for - we hope you’ll provide your comments on how we’re doing during our annual client survey.  We know that you rely on us to protect your most valuable treasures, including family, home, cars, and finances.  So do like Dad always said, “LEAVE THE WORRYING TO US AND GET ON WITH YOUR DREAMS.”